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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you so much for visiting my page! This summer I'll be traveling to the Dominican Republic as a volunteer with AYUDA to motivate young people with diabetes, like myself, to live happier, healthier lives. This mission will not be possible without the support of people like you. Here you can learn a little more about what AYUDA is, my life with diabetes, my interest with volunteering with AYUDA, and how you can help support our mission at AYUDA.


What is AYUDA? 

AYUDA is a non-profit volunteer organization that empowers youth to serve as agents of change in diabetes communities around the world. AYUDA is dedicated to supporting local diabetes communities in their development and implementation of sustainable and global diabetes programs. AYUDA’s innovative peer learning model uses international volunteers as catalysts to empower local youth living with diabetes to live happy and healthy lives.

AYUDA is guided by 3 main principles:

  • A lack of education is as dangerous as a lack of insulin. AYUDA was founded in reaction to seeing children with diabetes who had access to insulin and medical treatment, but still faced complications and early death because they did not know how to manage their condition. AYUDA programs address the severe lack of education by implementing our innovative youth-to-youth education model.
  • Youth can serve as powerful agents of change. Youth empowerment is the fundamental principle for AYUDA, and is also exemplified by the members on the AYUDA team. Our educational and youth leadership programs increase interaction among youth, develop awareness of their ability to impact change in their communities, and provide them with the tools and skills to do so.
  • Understanding is just as important as doing. AYUDA partners with local communities and organizations in order to better understand their issues and to help create innovative solutions. Learning and understanding cultural context is critical to developing solutions prior to taking action.

In the Dominican Republic, AYUDA is working with a local organization called Apendiendo a Vivir to help educate local youth with diabetes about how to properly manage their diabetes through things like a healthy diet and exercise. AYUDA hopes to provide these young people with the skills and knowledge necessary so that diabetes is simply a part of their lives and does not rule their lives.

For more info about AYUDA and their work, please visit their site (http://www.ayudainc.net).


My Life with Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that involves the immune system attacking and destroying beta cells in a person’s pancreas. These beta cells normally produce the hormone insulin, which is integral in the process of breaking down nutrients in food. People with diabetes, therefore, must administer their own insulin (usually through shots or an insulin pump) and check their blood sugar regularly in order to keep it regulated. For a more in depth look at diabetes, WedMD has a great explanation (http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/guide/type-1-diabetes). 

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 4, and since I am currently 16, I have been living with diabetes for 12 years. I consider myself lucky to have been diagnosed at such a young age because I have grown up with diabetes and I was able to learn at a young age that diabetes is simply a small part of my life, and is not my whole life. By doing things like monitoring my blood sugar and exercising regularly, I am able to stay healthy and active.   


Why I am volunteering

Growing up as a diabetic in the United States, I have been fortunate enough to have access to great health care and education and the supplies necessary to easily treat my diabetes. However, 4 out of 5 people with diabetes live in low or middle income countries (LMIC) and do not have easy access to the education or resources necessary to easily treat their diabetes.

I am volunteering with AYUDA because I believe that their guiding principle of “a lack of education is as dangerous as a lack of insulin” could not be more true. I hope to support and contribute to their mission of providing diabetes education to youth in the Dominican Republic.

As a volunteer this summer, I will work in the Dominican Republic for almost a month with AYUDA's local partner organization, Apendiendo a Vivir. Together, we will organize programs for young people with diabetes to promote youth leadership and motivate young people with diabetes to lead healthier and happier lives.


How you can help

AYUDA endeavors to remain a grassroots volunteer organization in a unique way: by asking its volunteers to participate in fundraising for their programs. In fact, fundraising by volunteers helps cover the majority of the costs to run AYUDA’s programs and sponsor local diabetes projects.

Therefore, I need your help. Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $7000 by June 14th. Every contribution helps fund AYUDA’s goal of educating and empowering youth in the Dominican Republic. Your support will ensure that local diabetes programs will continue to thrive and that young people in these communities will have access to education and tools that will help them live happier, healthier lives with diabetes. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up!


If you prefer to donate online, you can click on the orange button at the top of the page to donate. You can also physically send your contribution to the address listed below.

To mail in a donation, please make all checks payable to “AYUDA Inc.” and please put my name in the Memo field.

Mail to:

AYUDA Inc, 1700 N Moore St, Suite 2000, Arlington VA 22209


Thank you so much for your support and as AYUDA’s motto goes,

¡Juntos Somos Mas Fuertes!

Together We Are Stronger!


Post-Program Update:

To see a summary of my trip and pictures from the trip please visit: https://willeppayuda2015.wordpress.com




My Personal Web Log


AYUDA update: 3/25/15
First off, thank you for stopping by my page and taking the time to read this update.
With the program just under 3 months away, I wanted to thank everyone that has donated or shared my page so far. I'm almost half way to my fundraising goal and that is thanks to the support of you all. Thank you!
A few weeks ago we had our volunteer summit in DC and it made me even more excited about volunteering at Campo Amigo this summer. I had the chance to meet some really cool people and we are all looking forward to being in the DR as soon as possible! I will try to keep updating my page periodically, but until then, thanks to everyone that has donated so far and thank you for stopping by my page!
Will Epperson

by Will Epperson on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 @ 7:17 PM

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