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Me! with my insulin pump on my right arm!
Me! with my insulin pump on my right arm!

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Ms. Emma Rose Burke
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Please visit my blog from this years trip to read about my work in the Dominican this summer here: https://emmaburkeayuda2016.wordpress.com/


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My Trip to the Dominican Republic:

This summer, I will embark on a life-changing experience in the Dominican Republic (DR) as a volunteer for AYUDA. Together with AYUDA's in-country partner organization, Aprendiendo a Vivir (AAV - "learning to live") and my fellow volunteers, we will organize diabetes education initiatives for young people living with diabetes in 6 different locations around the country.

The program I will be participating in is called En El Camino. AYUDA will work with AAV on a pilot program to take the educational and empowerment experience to multiple provinces in the Dominican Republic. I will travel with local Dominican youth leaders, representatives of AAV, and AYUDA staff members to provinces/cities in the Dominican Republic to run day-long educational outreach and local capacity-building programs. I will have the opportunity to learn from people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and help provide them with the tools that motivate them to live happier, healthier lives.

What is AYUDA?

AYUDA is a non-profit volunteer organization that empowers youth to serve as agents of change in diabetes communities around the world. AYUDA is dedicated to supporting local diabetes communities in their development and implementation of sustainable and global diabetes programs. AYUDA’s innovative peer learning model uses international volunteers as catalysts for empowering local youth living with diabetes to live happy and healthy lives.

For more information about AYUDA and its important work, please visit their website. (www.ayudainc.net )

My Story:

On July 22, 2008 I went to the hospital expecting to be prescribed a simple antibiotic to cure my sickness, instead the doctors told me I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time, I didn’t quite understand what diabetes was, but I was ready to take it on. Even though I was only nine years old, I made a point to do it all on my own. I gave myself insulin and pricked my own finger up to six times a day. I welcomed my classmates questions and viewed my diabetes as what made me unique; what made me, me. Having diabetes in my childhood taught me individuality, courage, and was the first thing I truly learned how to stand for. I am extremely excited to take my involvement in the diabetes community to the next level. My hope in being part of AYUDA is to educate and empower kids that are just like me.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal! Your tax-deductible gift makes a difference. Your support will ensure that local diabetes programs will continue to thrive and that young people in these communities will have access to education and tools that will help them live happier, healthier lives with diabetes. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! You may donate on this page, or if it is more convenient you may mail in a donation.

To mail in a donation, please, make all checks payable to: AYUDA Inc. and please put my name in the Memo field.

Mail to:

AYUDA Inc, 1700 N Moore St, Suite 2000, Arlington VA 22209

I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Many Thanks,


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