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JDRF Gala!
JDRF Gala!

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Mia Antoinette Eisenberg
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These past two and a half weeks in the Dominican Republic have been an eye-opening experience. I have met so many kind and intelligent people through working with AYUDA and Aprendiendo A Vivir. I really enjoyed learning to communicate with people from another culture and educating people on how to live a healthy life with type one diabetes.

We started by preparing for Campo Amigo, a weekend long day camp for families living with T1D. Each of our three age groups were tasked with designing age appropriate lesson plans to help educate children and young adults. By the end of the two day camp I felt like I had made an impact on the lives of the kids I was working with. I will be continuing to fundraise for AYUDA, so please stay tuned for updates!


Dear Family and Friends:

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost five years ago. Living with this condition has not been easy, though most days it is manageable, albeit very inconvenient. Some days however, it is daunting and I would give anything not to have diabetes. On those days I remind myself how lucky I am to have access to cutting-edge treatments and medical devices, amazing doctors, nurse practitioners, and dietitians that make living with this condition healthier and easier. I also remember how fortunate I am to have connected with communities like JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), DYF (Diabetes Youth Families) and my support group, T1D Marin. All of which have enriched my life and made me a stronger and more compassionate person.

Most people living with diabetes don't have the same support, quality of medical care and access that I am fortunate to have. That is why I will travel to the Dominican Republic this summer to help educate people with diabetes and help get them the healthcare they need and deserve. I will be working with AYUDA (American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad) and AAV (Aprendiendo a Vivir) to develop educational programs for children and young adults with diabetes.

Before I get to the Dominican Republic I need your help. To fund AYUDA and AAV, I need to raise $6,500 by July 1st 2019. I am reaching out to you because I need your assistance in helping to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes.


AYUDA is a non-profit volunteer organization that empowers youth to work with diabetes communities around the world. AYUDA is dedicated to supporting local diabetes communities in their development and implementation of sustainable and global diabetes programs by helping educate the community on diabetes healthcare. AYUDA’s innovative peer learning model uses international volunteers as catalysts for empowering local youth living with diabetes to live happy and healthy lives and be proud of their experiences and accomplishments!

For more information about AYUDA and its important work, please visit their website. www.ayudavolunteer.org

To mail in a donation, please, make all checks payable to AYUDA Inc. and please put my name in the Memo field.

Mail to:

AYUDA Inc, 1700 N Moore St, Suite 2000, Arlington VA 22209

Your tax-deductible gift makes a difference. Your support will ensure that local diabetes programs will continue to thrive and that young people in these communities will have access to education and tools that will help them live happier, healthier lives with diabetes. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up!

With the support of my parents, Elizabeth Shortino and Peter Eisenberg, I have the amazing opportunity to spend two and a half weeks in the Dominican Republic working to create a healthier world. Please join me by donating what you can. Any amount will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated.

¡Juntos Somos Más Fuertes!
Together We Are Stronger!

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